Sustainable Minerals: Recovery and Recycling

Project 2022 - 2024 Closed

The aim of this project is to develop a systematic classification methodology for secondary mineral resources as compared to primary resources. It is meant to foster a metal remining and recovery practice and production from secondary resources. The project seeks to contribute to the reduction of mining waste as well as the extraction and reuse of useful materials that previously would have become mining waste.

The project is the third step in the Sustainable Minerals program and builds on the findings from the report: The Nordic Supply Potential of Critical Metals and Minerals for a Green Energy Transition, launched in September 2021.

The overall objectives of the project are to:

  • increase circularity and extraction from secondary metal and mineral resources
  • contribute to the development and innovation initiatives act at the identification of Critical Raw Materials
  • contribution to the digitalization and public access to data

The project partners will develop a systematic classification method to evaluate secondary resources as primary resources, develop a methodology for the development and design of a CRM database and new data capturing strategies to obtain resource data estimates as well as to develop a methodology for the identification, prioritization, and definition of pilot studies on secondary resources of historical mine waste sites.

Project partners


The project is a part of the Sustainable Minerals program which is one of the eight initiatives launched by the five Nordic ministers of trade and industry. The initiatives represent a determined advance towards a stronger and more sustainable Nordic region and support the vision for the Nordic region to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030 by focusing on:

  • Raw materials critical for enabling a green Nordic region.
  • Increased circularity and recovery of mineral resources.
  • Life cycle and traceability.
  • Strengthened Nordic mineral ecosystem and value chains to drive the transition.
  • Social responsibility and strategic community involvement of the minerals sector.
  • In long term, new Nordic solutions, technologies, systems and best practices at local and international markets.

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Hanna Törmänen Innovation Adviser

Hanna Törmänen

Senior Innovation Adviser
Hanna has background in Nordic and international exports, public-private cooperation, project management and market analysis. Her focus at Nordic Innovation is to support Nordic businesses and ecosystems in their transition towards sustainable and circular business models.