Fish farming in Norway

Securing growth for the Nordic bioeconomy through circular models of phosphorus-bearing organic materials

Project 2022 - 2023 Closed

We believe in a world where waste streams are replaced by fully integrated flows of circular resources between citizens, industries, and society, and built on trust, partnerships, and sustainable solutions.

Driving this transformation from a linear to a circular economy requires new types of business models, thought leadership, as well as committed partnerships with a variety of market actors. Ragn-Sells strives to be this thought leader and a role model, who in collaboration with partners – customers, suppliers, local communities, and authorities – finds new circular material flows to maximise the value of scarce resources.

We are now taking the initiative to create a circular value chain from feed to feed in the aquaculture sector. The aim is to develop a leading solution with the potential of scaling globally by extracting and recirculating of nutrients, minerals but also to produce energy from what today is wasted into our oceans. Another bonus is the possibility to more than triple the food production from aquaculture as well without adding any new energy.

What does this project involve for circularity from the maritime industries?

There is an urgent need to deliver sustainable, recycled nutrients like phosphorous to support and sustain a growing ocean biomass production in the Nordic region. Today, organic materials such as feed residues and feces from aquaculture are treated as waste, not as nutrient resources. To increase the Nordic self-sufficiency of critical nutrients and secure growth for the ocean industry in the Nordic region, we want to establish a complete circular value chain based on the recycling of nutrient-rich materials from open-cage fish farms.
Besides supporting food security and sustainability targets, there is a significant business value potential in shifting the existing linear processes into circular models.

Next steps

The pre-projects will report their results to Nordic Innovation in early 2023. Around that time, Nordic Innovation will also launch its main call on ocean biomass. The main call will be open to all applicants, not just those who participated in the pre-call.


Emil Gejrot - Innovation Adviser

Emil Gejrot (paternity leave)

Innovation Adviser
Emil has extensive experience of innovation projects and policy analysis in the Nordic region and beyond. Before joining Nordic Innovation, he worked for a research consultancy where he focused on digital transformation, inclusion, and sustainability. He holds an MA in Transcultural Studies and has lived and worked in Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Germany.