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WCEF 2023: The Nordic Innovation highlights

Accelerator sessions

1-2 June the World Circular Economy Forum descends into two days of accelerator sessions in Helsinki and online. Nordic Innovation will partner up with different institutions to put several aspects of the circular economy on the agenda. Register for one or more of the sessions below. (All events in UTC+3)

1 June

13:00 – 14:00 - Circularity disclosure going mainstream - Preparing for compliance

With: Nordic Innovation, NSRS, Erhvervstyrelsen and World Buisness Council for Sustainable Development. 

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13:30-14:30 - Nordic Learnings for transforming to a circular business.

With: Accenture and Nordic Innovation

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15:00-17:00 - Circular Minerals Sourcing for a Low-Carbon Energy Future

With: Nordic Innovation, Smart Prosperity InstituteMERG (Materials Efficiency Research Group) and ICMM.

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2 June

9:00–10:30 - Leveraging innovation towards a circular economy.

With: Nordic Innovation, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and WEF

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The World Circular Economy Forum

This year Nordic Innovation is co-hosting the World Circular Economy Forum together with the Finnish Innovation fund Sitra. We are looking forward to 4 days of circular economy discussions and insight. Take a look at our highlight summary to see what is on the Nordics agenda for WCEF 2023.

Register for WCEF online participation!

Nordic Innovation has supported World Circular Economy Forum since 2018, as a part of Nordic Innovations Circular Business Models program. The aim of the program is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the Nordics and to develop the Nordics further as agile frontrunners within circular economy and circular business models.

The Nordics is a leading region within circularity and sustainability, but we cannot achieve transformative change alone. For us to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030, we need to discuss the solutions needed both globally and locally. WCEF is an area where the Nordics can learn and share knowledge, with global key actors, giving us new and inspiring perspectives towards 2030 and beyond.

Svein Berg, Managing Director, Nordic Innovation.

Through active support and participation in WCEF, the Nordics are an important partner in the development and distribution of circular solutions globally, with the opportunity of attracting talent, capital and business opportunities.

The forum will consist of different plenaries and parallel sessions with a wide range of relevant topics and sectors, including dedicated spaces for exhibitions and networking. During the four days we will zoom in on amongst other finance, foodforestry, future skills, metrics, mining and energy. All while focusing on circular solutions for nature and the economy.

“Circular economy will be discussed among key Nordic and global industrial actors, government officials and organizations across sectors from finance over mining and minerals to consumer perspectives in Helsinki”. Says Peter Munch-Madsen, Senior Advisor at Nordic Innovation.

Munch-Madsen will be moderating one of the parallel sessions on finite materials and energy, Challenge accepted: circular solutions to green energy’s material demands. “At Nordic Innovation we work and collaborate across industrial sectors and different sizes of corporations. World Circular Economy Forum is an ideal platform for including our networks and partners in global circular economy talks with an important Nordic voice”

The Nordic Expo Hub

In between the program there is time to visit the Expo area and the Nordic hub. For the expo stand we are teaming up with multiple Nordic organizations, so while visiting our Expo area you can also meet representatives from Nordic Circular hotspot, Nordic Investment Bank, Nordic Development Fund, NordForsk, Nordic Energy Research, The Nordic Council of Ministers, NEFCO and Nordic Cultural Point. Find us in the middle of the Expo area.  The program for the Nordic stand will be published shortly.


Hanna Törmänen Innovation Adviser

Hanna Törmänen

Senior Innovation Adviser
Hanna has background in Nordic and international exports, public-private cooperation, project management and market analysis. Her focus at Nordic Innovation is to support Nordic businesses and ecosystems in their transition towards sustainable and circular business models.