Portrait of Ivar Josefsson

Together the Nordic Region is a Powerhouse

“My job is to help support Nordic businesses by promoting cross-border and cross-sector collaboration. As such, we hope to utilize the competence amassed across the region in order to achieve even more than what could be done separately. I am fortunate to have such a fulfilling job, allowing me to meet and work together with inspirational partners from all over the Nordic region”, Ivar says. 

Ivar is primarily involved in the Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity program and the Nordic Sustainable Cities special initiative, in addition to minor projects taking place throughout the year.

Looking ahead 

In a post Covid-19 world, there will be plenty of opportunity to speed up the necessary transition of our societies. Ivar believes that Nordic Innovation should, and will, have an important role to play in supporting Nordic businesses to innovate and transform their current business models while also identifying areas of future interest.

“While it is important that we now do what we can to help businesses withstand the current pressures stemming from the pandemic, it is vital that we already look for new opportunities arising from the crisis. Considering the vast competence and collaborative spirit found across the region, it would be foolish of us to not take advantage of that when looking for alternative pathways to deal with this situation. In my view, Nordic collaboration should be promoted as our best way forward out of this crisis.”

A Nordic citizen 

Born and raised on Åland Islands, cross-border partnership is nothing new to Ivar, as Åland maintains strong relations to both mainland Finland and Sweden. As such, adopting a Nordic mindset has not been too difficult a task for Ivar. “It also helps that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel and live in several different countries in relation to my studies” Ivar says, reflecting upon his time living across Europe as well as a brief period in Uganda.

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I am fortunate to have such a fulfilling job, allowing me to meet and work together with inspirational partners from all over the Nordic region

– Ivar Josefsson, Innovation Adviser

These first-hand experiences have allowed him to work with people from different cultures and sectors, further cementing his view of the importance of communities coming together to form and develop sustainable solutions to both local and global challenges.

“I can sense a shift in attitudes, allowing us to be more concrete when approaching the defining issues of our generation(s). But we are also at a point in time where we cannot wait, where the world demands solutions, and now is really the time for action. In a post covid-19 world, we have a glorious opportunity to make a sizeable statement for the good of our future” Ivar states.