Enna Tengström in Oslo

Meet our Interns: Enna Tengström

Enna Tengström has been an intern for Nordic Innovation in the spring 2020. She is from Finland and studies social policy at the University of Turku. Her main interest lays in health and welfare policy.

Apart from getting to work with health and welfare, Enna says that Nordic Innovation has given her an amazing opportunity to learn from fields outside her main study interest. This experience has opened her eyes and made her more interested in innovation, circular economy, female entrepreneurship, and mobility.

”Being an intern for Nordic Innovation has given me far more than I could ever imagine, guess, or request in my wildest dreams. Besides work, I have enjoyed living Oslo. The best things that Oslo has to offer are definitely the beautiful nature and the architecture’’, says Enna.

During her internship, Enna have been working with different programs, projects, and people and with different departments at Nordic Innovation. She feels that the broad spectrum of tasks she has been working with has given her a good understanding of the organization and how the Nordic countries officially cooperate to become the most integrated region in the world.

Growing professionally and personally

For Enna, the most exciting experience has been to work in a dynamic and international team. She has especially enjoyed having the Scandinavian languages and English as work languages.

She says she has learned a lot from working with the Bridging Nordic Data report in the Health, Demography and Quality of Life program, since it was directly related to her field of study. Enna says she also learned a lot from taking part in evaluating project applications in the Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation program and in the special initiative Nordic Sustainable Cities.

Enna in Oslo's new hotspot Oslobukta situated by the waterfront.

“It has been such an adventure! I have learned and grown a lot, because I have had the opportunity to be involved in all three main programs and special initiatives Nordic Innovation have. Moreover, I have also been involved in different workshops, evaluations, and meetings. I have not only grown as an employee but also as a person”, says Enna.

Nordic Innovation has made Enna realize the power and importance of Nordic cooperation. It has been thrilling for her to understand how Nordic cooperation works from the innovation perspective.

Returning to her master’s thesis

Now it is time for Enna to move back home to Finland and shift her focus back to her studies again. She says Nordic Innovation has given her inspiration, new tools, and a new mindset to take with her. She might even have a Nordic perspective to her upcoming master’s thesis.

’’I am extremely thankful and grateful for this adventure here at Nordic Innovation and Oslo. I want to give a special thanks to my coworkers who have always made me feel like a true member of the team. I will always cherish the memories and knowledge I got as an intern. Moreover, it is most likely that I will miss my long walks at Bygdøy, Nordmarka and Frogner”, says Enna.