Paneldebat folkemødet 2023
#Circular Business Models

Funding innovation in the Nordics: a democratic debate

Venture capital has an enormous growth potential and it offers a unique opportunity for the Nordic countries to develop a common Nordic Venture Market, was among the conclusions from the democratic debates on financing innovation in the Nordics.
Mennesker der sidder rundt om et bord
#Sustainable Ocean Economy

"Multi-use platforms at sea are a part of the future"

Representatives from academia, ocean industries and government agencies met to discuss the establishment of multi-use parks at sea in the Nordics. Need for proper planning, holistic thinking and sharing of existing data were among the key takeaways.
Paneldebat under arendalsuka
#Smart Connectivity #Circular Business Models #Nordic Green Mobility

Democracy festivals showcased the necessity of Nordic collaboration

Nordic Innovation organized a total of ten events at the Nordic democracy festivals this Summer. Focus was on mobility, health, venture capital and entrepreneurship. The importance of Nordic collaboration was a recurring theme across all events.
Man standing next to  box filled with fish on ice
#50th anniversary

Feeding the Future: shaping a sustainable nordic food industry

Food is an essential part of life. It is a major contributor to health and well-being, culture, trade and economic development. This was why Nordisk Industrifond decided to focus on this topic in the 90s, through the NorFood program.
Nordic Health App Award 2023 winner at Arendalsuka
#Science and Health Tech

Celebrating the best health apps in the Nordics

On 15 August the Nordic Health App Award 2023 took place as a part of the political festival in Norway, Arendalsuka. Winner was the Swedish company Paindrainer®. The companies: Medanets, SeeWound, Ommej and Icura made it to the finals.