Man holding seakelp onboard a boat. Hoping to reduce cow farts.
#Sustainable Ocean Economy

CircleFeed: Fewer greenhouse gas emissions with seaweed in dairy cattle feed

As a result of the Ocean Biomass call Nordic Innovation has signed contract with Lava Seaweed, from Iceland, as main partner to carry out the CircleFeed project. Nordic Innovation received a total of four bids for the call. The CircleFeed project will demonstrate proof-of-concept for an innovative seaweed-based feed mix that will reduce both the total carbon footprint of feed protein production and enteric methane emission from dairy cattle. The goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the total supply chain related to dairy cattle by more than 30%.
Frimærker med satellitter på fra Sverige
#50th anniversary

The Untold Story of Nordic Satellite Collaboration

The struggle for dominance in outer space has traditionally been a race between major powers. While others competed to be the first to explore new planets, the Nordic countries needed satellites to fulfill their desire to watch each other's TV broadcasts.