7 kokke der står ved siden af hinanden
#50th anniversary

Promoting Nordic cuisine across the pond

The New Nordic Cuisine started as a movement to promote Nordic food culture. It also encouraged locally based produce, sustainability and innovation in the Nordic kitchen. Read more about our work with The New Nordic Cuisine during 2010s.
Paneldebat folkemødet 2023
#Circular Business Models

Funding innovation in the Nordics: a democratic debate

Venture capital has an enormous growth potential and it offers a unique opportunity for the Nordic countries to develop a common Nordic Venture Market, was among the conclusions from the democratic debates on financing innovation in the Nordics.
Mennesker der sidder rundt om et bord
#Sustainable Ocean Economy

"Multi-use platforms at sea are a part of the future"

Representatives from academia, ocean industries and government agencies met to discuss the establishment of multi-use parks at sea in the Nordics. Need for proper planning, holistic thinking and sharing of existing data were among the key takeaways.
Paneldebat under arendalsuka
#Smart Connectivity #Circular Business Models #Nordic Green Mobility

Democracy festivals showcased the necessity of Nordic collaboration

Nordic Innovation organized a total of ten events at the Nordic democracy festivals this Summer. Focus was on mobility, health, venture capital and entrepreneurship. The importance of Nordic collaboration was a recurring theme across all events.