A crowd on-stage at the opening of Nordic Innovation House in Hong Kong.

New Nordic Innovation House in Hong Kong

A new Nordic Innovation House has just been opened in Hong Kong as a platform for Nordic companies who want to establish themselves in Asia or learn how to adapt to the Asian market.
A Nordic delegation visiting a hospital  in Tel Aviv.
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Nordic Companies Visited Hospitals in Tel Aviv

A Nordic delegation visited Tel Aviv to increase business, knowledge and collaboration on solutions for sustainable healthcare and smart, circular cities.
Woman hiding behind plants with the text "Is this a designer"?

The Nordic Design Resource project – Why?

In the past 10 years design has gone through a comprehensive transformation in the Nordic countries and internationally. Today, design includes disciplines such as design thinking, service design, strategic design and digital design, and increasingly includes skills from other professions as well. Design is not just an industry, but an enabler for growth and innovation across all industries.
A woman in a flower dress sitting at a cafe table with the text "is this a designer"?

Nordic Design Resource – How?

The Nordic Design Resource is a new comprehensive study conducted by the Nordic design centres in partnership with Nordic Innovation and the market research company Seismonaut.
To men discussing at a the workshop in Iceland.
#Science and Health Tech

Discussing Nordic Business Opportunities

In Reykjavik last Thursday 25 health and welfare companies and public stakeholders from Iceland participated in a workshop hosted by Nordic Innovation. The goal of the day was to inspire Icelandic companies and share knowledge about Nordic possibilities within health and welfare.
People sitting in front of a stage with a large screen at the Nordic Cluster Meet-up 2018.
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Connecting Nordic Clusters

40 Nordic clusters met in Copenhagen to discuss smart mobility and connectivity, collaborations and learn from each other.
Idar Kreutzer talking to journalists 2018

The Nordics could be World-leading in Startups and Scale-ups

The Nordic countries are integrated in an otherwise fragmented world. In a global context, the Nordic countries are small, and the Nordic region as a whole is economically strong, representing a significant, technologically advanced market.