Oslo Innovation Week 2019

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As a part of the Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation program, the project partners from LOOP Ventures will take part in Oslo Innovation Week.

Moona Pohjola from Avanto Ventures, partner in LOOP Ventures, will present the project at Breaking the Barriers in Circular Economy. Read more about LOOP Ventures here and sign up for the event here.

Additional information

Looking for inspiration, partners or funding for your circular economy projects? Join Norwegian and international companies, researchers and stakeholders at this conference and business to business matchmaking event, for an engaging discussion regarding how companies and individuals work to break the barriers in a circular economy, to achieve more, challenge the status quo and think outside of the box.

The event is an official event of Oslo Innovation Week.

Conference topics

Success stories of European circular economy projects
Insights into different business models and circular economy across various industries
Funding opportunities and tools for your innovation projects: EEA Norway Grants and Horizon 2020


Looking for cooperation partners and funding opportunities for your innovation projects? Register in the profile database and book B2B-speed meetings with other businesses specializing in circular economy.

Main Target Group

Companies and research institutions from Europe
Planning projects towards development, innovation, research
Active within one of the following areas:
Reducing material and resource inputs
Maintaining the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible
Minimizing the generation of waste
Replacing non-renewable resources with biomass
protecting oceans and land from waste and litter by re-mediating existing concentrates, mitigating new pollution and developing biodegradable bio plastics.

Registration open until 22 September, 2019.


Portrait Marthe Haugland

Marthe Haugland

Senior Innovation Adviser
Marthe combines her international experience with her knowledge of business development and innovation to promote Nordic cooperation within the circular economy. She belives Nordic cooperation can drive the systemic change and give Nordic companies a competitive edge going forward.

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Hanna Törmänen

Hanna Törmänen

Innovation Adviser
Hanna has background in Nordic and international exports, public-private cooperation, project management and market analysis. Her focus at Nordic Innovation is to support Nordic businesses and ecosystems in their transition towards sustainable and circular business models.