Hack4Norden 2016

09:00 - 17:00
Slush, Finland
Group picture of participants of Hack4Norden at Slush in 2016.

Nordic data driven innovation challenge.

As part of the lighthouse project Innovative Nordic digital solutions, Nordic Innovation and partners hosted the Nordic challenge on data driven innovation: Hack4Norden 2016.

The finalists, one team per track and per Nordic country (up to 10 teams in total) will be selected from two main tracks and will compete in a Nordic finale at Slush in Nov/Dec.

  • Open track: not sector-specific.
  • GLAM track: targeted at the cultural heritage sector, including GLAM organizations (galleries, libraries, archives, museums).

Download presentations from the eight hacker teams here:

The Nordic Slush prize

  • Paid trip to Europe’s leading tech and start-up event Slush (travel costs up to NOK 25 000 per team will be refunded).
  • Nordic team deal: joint workshop for the Hack4Norden finalists with professional pitch prep and facilitation.
  • Participation in the Nordic finale with the opportunity to win great prizes.
  • Business support services before, during and after Slush (this will in particular apply to those who win the overall Nordic finale). This could include general business support services as well as direct support in connecting with incubators, accelerators and other start-up related programmes and organizations.

Entering the challenge and criteria for participation

Entry criteria

Finalists can only be selected from partnering events in the Nordic region.

Minimum eligibility criteria for both tracks

The following eligibility criteria applies (at least no 1 in combination with either no 2, 3 or 4 below):

  • The proposed service or solution should have a clearly defined value proposition (including a specified target group/customer/user), explaining how the service/solution solves a specific problem, improves a situation and/or delivers specific benefits to users AND
  • the team consists of people from at least two Nordic countries (not nationalities) AND/OR
  • the team uses datasets from at least two Nordic countries AND/OR
  • the team aims to solve challenges related to a Nordic theme/priority (see details below)

Eligibility criteria in addition for the GLAM track

Use of at least one dataset from one or more Nordic GLAM organization(s)

Judging criteria

Projects submitted to the Hack4Norden challenge will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity: new products, technologies, services or improvements to existing solutions, combining or implementing these in new ways, and creative use (e.g. visualizations, 3D-printing, storytelling and more)
  • Nordic datasets: number of datasets from different Nordic countries employed in the service/solution
  • Business/commercial potential
  • Relevance for Nordic themes (see norden.org for inspiration, one example is Nordic Nutrition and New Nordic Food)
  • Nordic-wide issues or challenges: services/solutions that could easily be exported to other Nordic countries
  • There will be a special reward for creative ideas or solutions aimed at combining data from and encouraging collaboration between actors in the Nordic ‘digital ecosystem’:
  1. Citizens/users (e.g. crowdsourcing data¬ / ‘citizen science’)
  2. Private sector (start-ups, SMEs, large corporations)
  3. Public sector (ministries, directorates etc.)