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Circular Fast-track Initiatives

The challenge is to come up with fast-track solutions, initiatives and collaborations that will contribute to making the Nordic region a circular region.

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#Sustainable Minerals

Join new network for the Nordic raw materials sector

We are happy to invite you to join a new network for professionals from the Nordic metals and minerals sector. The aim of the network is to consolidate the Nordics as role model in global sustainable mineral production.
Nordens telt på Arendalsuka i sol og sommervær
#Sustainable Minerals
Nordens telt, 4800 Arendal, Norway  

Arendalsuka: Nordens bærekraftige mineraler som geopolitisk trekkplaster

Norden er rikt på kritiske mineraler som er nødvendige for det grønne skiftet. Strategiske samarbeidsavtaler mellom USA, EU og flere enkeltnasjoner om forsyning av kritiske mineraler og metaller er etablert. Hva er fellesnevnerne for bærekraftig mineralutvinning i Norden?

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Nordic Circular Design programme logo
#Circular Business Models

Nordic Circular Design programme

Nordic Circular Design Programme's purpose is to prepare Nordic companies for the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and to ensure their competitiveness in the global circular transition.

A row of 10 wind turbines standing in the sea
#Sustainable Ocean Economy

Nordic BioBuz

The Nordic BioBuz project explore the synergies between offshore wind energy, low-trophic aquaculture and ecosystem enhancing services in the Baltic Sea.


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Call for proposals: Circular Fast-track Initiatives

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