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Corporate Venture Capital Report

An analysis of corporate venture capital in the Nordics
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Oxford Research Denmark has in close collaboration with TechBBQ carried out an analysis of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) in the Nordics.

The purpose of the analysis is to address:

  • What are the investment objectives of CVCs?
  • What are the gains and challenges that may arise from startup- collaborations with CVCs?

The main methodology of the analysis is a web-based survey with key representatives of large corporations that has established an CVC arms. In addition, one qualitative interview with an associate professor in strategy and entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School and five qualitative interviews with key representatives from large Nordic corporations were conducted.

When looking at the Nordic region the ratio of VC investments compared to CVC investments in startups is sensibly lower than the US, but the trends of investments are quite similar, which reflect the growing nature of the Nordic as an area of CVC activities.

The role of Corporate Venture Capital on innovation, Corporate Venture Capital Report.

In this report, the study results as well as key learnings and recommendations for further action are presented.