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Local Fish Feed Ingredients for Competitive and Sustainable Production of High-Quality Aquaculture Feed (LIFF)

Testing new local raw materials for aquaculture feed for implementation into the production chain.
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The main objective of the project was to test new local raw materials for aquaculture feed and to implement those into the production chain, thereby:

  • moving the Nordic aquaculture industry towards a more competitive and sustainable production, focusing on efficient and responsible use of local feed sources,
  • identifying novel fish feed ingredients optimizing the use of marine raw materials,
  • creating added value through the use of new marine raw materials such as mussel meal, seaweed and microalgae,
  • decreasing the dependency on fishmeal and fish oil as fish feed ingredients,
  • lowering carbon footprint of aquaculture production, and establishing a user driven diversified “green growth” in aquaculture production of high quality fish products.