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Nordic Marine Innovation Projects

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the innovation ability in order to increase profit and competitiveness in the Nordic marine sector. 14 projects receives funding through the programme.
  • Automated Pinbone Removal In COd and WhiTefish

    The objective of this project is to develop and test equipment to automatically cut the pinbones out of whitefish fillets, such as cod.
  • Aquaponics NOMA

    The main objective of AQUAPONIC NOMA is to establish a network for cooperation between businesses, researchers and consumers in the Nordic region, in order to provide new innovations supporting a more competitive and sustainable aquaculture and food sector.
  • Enriched Convenience Seafood Products

    The overall goal is successful product development of enriched seafood dishes with bioactive compounds from the ocean, such as seaweed, fish proteins and fish oil and to increase the variety of seafood products with functional properties available to Consumers.
  • Innovative fish counters

    Innovative fish counters is the first completed project in the Nordic Marine Innovation Program. The project objective was to create a better everyday life for all fishmongers in the Nordic countries, and hopefully also a better public understanding of seafood as a cornerstone in the Nordic cuisine – the way forward is more innovative fish counters!
  • Nordic Algae Network

    The project’s aim is to help the participants to a leading position in the field of utilizing algae for energy purposes and for commercial exploitation of high value compounds from algae. An additional aim is to increase the synergy and facilitating collaboration between the participants involved in the project and thereby increase their ability to compete in this new field.
  • Nordic Innovation Marine Marketing Program

    The project goal is to improve the Nordic Marine Companies‘ international competitiveness by engaging students in consulting solution projects that could increase the Nordic Marine value proposition.
  • North Atlantic Marine Cluster project

    The main goal of this project is to map marine clusters in the North Atlantic and strengthen relationships among them, build arenas to communicate their activities, benchmark and develop stronger networks in the ocean/marine sector.
  • Novel bioactive seaweed based ingredients and products

    The goal of this project is to develop technologies to process novel highly bioactive ingredients from bladderwrack and develop innovative products containing them with active collaboration of target consumers/users. The products include (a) food supplements, (b) cosmetics and (c) food antioxidants.
  • Tomorrow’s fish counter

    The main goals of this project are to build increased insight through better understanding of future consumer preferences, translate consumer insight into concrete concepts for tomorrow’s fish counter and contribute to increased market expertise in seafood. Also the project aims to improve skills and motivation for innovation processes across the value chain and different actors.
  • WhiteFishMaLL (North Atlantic Whitefish Marine Living Lab)

    The main objective of the project is to build a branding platform for whitefish from the N-Atlantic that differentiates in terms of sustainable production and superior consumer benefits. The project is also to demonstrate how to establish Living Lab methodology in the marine sector, where innovation solutions are co-created, explored, demonstrated and evaluated with a user-centric approach in a real–world environment.
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