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The Eyes of Runavik

  • Published 10/04/2018
The Certical Challenge in Runavik winner and third prize winner in the Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards.



  • White architects (DK)
  • White architects (SE)
  • DIFK (NO)
  • Rambøll (DK)
  • JNESpace (UK)


Jury evaluation extract:

Eyes of Runavík is a strong proposal because the circles span several terrain codes and the proposal understands how to use the terrain to create quality for the homes. Each eye is compact and it gives positive effect both on the level of excavation and in relation to getting many homes on the site. The project’s compactness also leaves large parts of the mountain untouched, and this is positive for both the new homes and Runavík as a whole.



Download project booklet (PDF)


Download jury evaluation for the Nordic part of the competition (PDF)

Download full jury statement (PDF)


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