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Promoting Nordic food in US schools

Foto: Grete Roede AS
  • Published 27/09/2011
Six dedicated food experts are the mentors of the project Nordic Food in DC Schools: They will choose the winners of the cooking competition, and together with the young Nordic chefs they will introduce new Nordic food to American school students.

Mads Holm – Denmark and Iceland


Mads Holm is a kitchen‘s assistant and Academy gastronome, who has been working in the food industry for more than 30 years – in restaurants, cafés and canteens. He has been the canteen manager of the school on Kastelsvej in Denmark and of the Zahle seminar in Copenhagen, to name a few examples. Since 2008 he has been working as a project manager for the Nordic food culture in the Nordic House in Reykjavík.



Phone: +354 551 70 30


Gutti Winther – Faroe Islands


Gutti Winther has been working in several top restaurants in Copenhagen. In addition, he has participated in many cooking competitions in Denmark. In the last 5 years he has been working as a head chef in various restaurants – currently at Café Alma at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. Gutti has also run his own business, which among others things organized events in Reykjavik, London and in Vienna. He has experience of cooking with and for children through his freelance work in children’s institutions.



Phone: +45 26 18 18 38


Annika Unt Widell – Sweden


Dietitian Annika Unt Widell is one of the most well-known media profiles when it comes to the food in Swedish schools. She is the spokesperson of Skolmatens Vänner (Swedish school meals supporters), and presents annual studies over costs and other facts concerning school meals. She is the editor of the book Swedish School Meals Safari which will be translated into English in October 2011. Annika Unt Widell is also a member of the advisory group for Eskil Erlandsson, Minister of Rural Affairs in Sweden.



Phone: +46 46 14 09 19


Eivind Hålien – Norway


Eivind Hålien is a product manager for local food and specialties at Norgesgruppen ASA. He is a former senior project manager at Måltidets Hus AS, CEO at Fagforum for Mat og Drikke AS and project manager for local food at Fylkesmannen in Rogaland. Hålien is a certified chef from Bergo Hotel in Beitostølen and he has been working at Gamletorvet Spiseri in Gjøvik and Fossheim Turisthotell in Lom. He has a Master of Science from Norsk Hotellhøgskole and the University of Otago, New Zealand. He is a former board member at Gastronomisk Institutt and chairman of the Smak av Kysten at Norsk Sjømatsenter.



Phone: +47 99 79 22 20


Jeanette Roede – Norway


Jeanette Roede is one of the owners of the Grete Roede AS, where she also works as a Communications Manager. She has a great interest in a healthy and active lifestyle for people of all ages, where food is an important component – it is important for her to underline that food is about much more than nutrients; it is about flavors, colors, textures, experiences, togetherness and much more. She wants to make good, healthy food available to all people. Together with Ellen Beate Wollenweber she has written the book Nordic Diet about Nordic food and Nordic lifestyle.



Phone: + 47 41 22 39 06


Kim Palhus – Finland


Kim Palhus has learnt his cooking skills from schools in Finland, Germany and the US. He has a diverse working experience: The American Embassy in Moscow and the Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C, as well as some of the best restaurants in the world such as Restaurant Le Crocodile in Strasbourg, Restaurant Aux Armes de France in Ammerschwir and Le Jardin de L´Orangerie in Strasbourg. He has also been the executive chef of Savoy restaurant in Helsinki. Currently he is the Food & Beverage Development Manager at Hanasaari. He is also working with several national food projects in Finland.



Phone: +358 40 48 48 123

46 46 140919