The Nordic Built Challenge is over – what happens next?

The winners of the Nordic Built Challenge have been selected. Now the focus will be on the realization of the five proposals – and we will keep you updated on the process.
Published 11/12/2013 | Last updated 11/12/2013

Ellebo Garden Room, Denmark


In Denmark, the building administrator, KAB, has started the negotiation process with the winning team. When the agreement is settled, budget discussions with Landsbyggefonden, a national fund supporting public housing, will follow. The tenants will be invited to a meeting in the beginning of next year.


Ballerup Municipality is preparing the political process, and a permission is expected in February 2014, together with one from Landsbyggefonden.


- If the feedback from the tenants is positive as well, we will be able to roll out the first step of the project, Pernille Egelund Johansen, project leader at KAB, says.


Fittja People’s Palace, Sweden


In Sweden, Botkyrkabyggen and the winning team have agreed on a rough time schedule and joint ambitions with the project. The intention is to have all details in place by the end of January, so that an actual partnering-contract regarding the renovation of Krögarvägen 2 can be signed.


- Besides this, we have identified a need to sort out some strategic issues concerning the neighborhood as a whole. Our preliminary ambition is that the actual realization of the winning project can start in 2015, Ulf Viktorsson, Technical Manager at Botkyrkabyggen, says.



Equilibrium, Finland


In Finland, Juha Lemström, COO at Senate Properties, says that the competition has already been worthwhile – for the company and for sustainable development in the building sector in general.


- We acquired an enormous amount of new ideas and knowledge that definitely will be taken into use in many of our future projects. Hopefully, some of it will be implemented in Hippostalo as well.


With regards to the long term ownership strategy for Hippostalo, the renewal will most likely be carried out step by steps.


- Sustainable development never ends. Therefore, scalable concepts, as generated in the Nordic Built Challenge, are of high value to us, Lemström says.



Urban Mountain, Norway


In Norway, Entra Eiendom has already presented the winning proposal to the Municipality of Oslo, and is now considering the concept and its potential.


- It is definitely very innovative and exiting, not only turning Posthuset into a leading environmental building, but also making it the tallest office building in Norway, Dag Christer Øverland, Property Developer at Entra, says.



Cape Green, Iceland


In Iceland, Reitir is currently conducting a financial feasibility study of the winning proposal.


- The results will be ready in the beginning of next year, allowing us to make a decision regarding the next steps, Guðmundur Tryggvi Sigurðsson, COO at Reitir, says.