NRK's report gives incorrect impression of the Nordic Built Challenge

NRK's story in Søndagsrevyen on 14 October gives an incorrect impression of the competition Nordic Built Challenge, which is scheduled for launch on 8 November.
Published 15/10/2012 | Last updated 15/10/2012

First of all, it should be emphasized that this is not a competition for buildings but for the development of concepts, with the Nordic Built Charter as a platform.

Five buildings, one in each Nordic country, have been selected for the competition, which has not yet begun. One of these is Posthuset in Oslo, owned by Entra Eiendom. Entra Eiendom has thus not won anything, but Posthuset, like the other buildings, has been chosen because of the following reasons:


  • The building has an appropriate size, function and location for the competition
  • The refurbishment of the building can commence within the timeframe of the contest
  • The building owner has ambitious objectives and financial resources available for the refurbishment
  • The building owner has signed the Nordic Built Charter and committed to this being the basis of the refurbishment



The competition aims to stimulate innovation and sustainable development and to promote Nordic cooperation in the building industry.

Nordic Innovation is financing the contest. The winners are chosen by a jury that includes the building owners. The winners have the possibility make an agreement with the building owners, which are then responsible for financing the refurbishment according to the winning entry.

According to Nordic Innovation the five buildings have not been selected in an incorrect way, but the process will now be evaluated internally together with the Board of Nordic Innovation.



About Nordic Built

Nordic Built is one of six so called lighthouse projects that were launched in connection with the new industrial and innovation policy cooperation program focusing on green growth that the Nordic Trade and Industry Ministers agreed on in October 2011. The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation are funding the project, and the latter is contributing to the realisation of the project together with the Nordic countries.


The Nordic Built programme will be carried out through the execution of three main modules over the period 2012-2014. The modules will cover a range of interconnected activities and build on each other. The first module is about defining the opportunities and challenges in the Nordic building sector, resulting in the Nordic Built Charter that defines the core principles of the programme.



The challenge of Nordic Built
On 8 November, the second module, the Nordic Built Challenge, will be launched, where innovators from within and beyond the building sector are invited to compete in the sustainable renovation of five buildings – one in each Nordic country. The assignment is to demonstrate the pricnciples of the Nordic Built Charter by refurbishing existing buildings in innovative and sustainable ways, while ensuring financial and practical viability.