Meet our new project manager!

Since mid-november Danish Trine Pertou Mach is the project leader for Nordic Built.
Published 19/12/2012 | Last updated 19/12/2012

Trine Pertou Mach comes from a position as a development consultant in the department for strategy & analysis in the municipality of Holbæk, Denmark.


She has served as a substitute member of the Danish Parliament, sitting in the committees for environment and energy, and she was also strongly involved in the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009.

In other words: She knows the green agenda rather well – which is also why she found the position as a project manager for Nordic Built both interesting and challenging.


She has for several years been working with projects promoting human rights and civil society development in the Middle East and is specialised in women’s rights. In addition, she has work experience from the European Parliament and the European Commission.


Trine Pertou Mach is married and has two small girls and a bonus child.