A chartered trip to the future

Kim Robert Lisø of Skanska explains why Skanska is committed to the 10 principles of the Nordic Built Charter in the Norwegian building sector publication, Bygg.no.
Published 29/11/2012 | Last updated 29/11/2012


More than 80 companies, public institutions and other organisations in the Nordic building sector have now signed the Nordic Built Charter and more are joining every day. In his recent commentary in Bygg.no, vice president of technology at Skanska Norway, Kim Robert Lisø, explains why Skanska is among the committed:


"More and more players in our industry see that they are served by, literally, a broadening of their skills in energy efficiency in buildings. Skanska sees good business opportunities in green projects, and we want to be a driving force in the development. We see the Nordic Built Charter as an opportunity to strengthen and clarify our goals for the outside world. The principles of the Charter are in line with our values​​, our aspirations and our business plans. We have therefore signed Nordic Built Charter, not as a legal obligation - but as a commitment to  ambition!"

Lisø goes on to make a plea to the Nordic Governments to also take action. You can read the full article here.


On behalf of all the signees of Nordic Built Charter we invite you to join the ranks of Skanska and the other committed organisations and sign the Nordic Built Charter.