Living in Light


February 2014


December 2016

Project partners:

Kuben Management (PO, PM), DOVISTAVELUXNCC Construction DenmarkSvendborg ArchitectsCenergiaGate 21Ishøy & Madsen, CN ArkitekterNCC Sverige, and Ramstadt Architects



The challenge

European cities have millions of small apartments (1, 2 and 3 rooms) from the period 1850 -1950, residential buildings that in general have been built with a high quality of materials and generally attractively located in the inner parts of the cities, though are not modern and do not fulfil existing demands and requirements.


Retrofitting buildings from this period proves technically difficult and costly as to reach good energy performances. Especially the building facades show great challenges. Additionally, investments in low energy measures are neither profitable for tenants nor landlords, and have little appeal. 



The solution

The project wish to develop extension solutions with glazing for multistorey housing blocks, both at the roofs and towards courtyards, In this way, they will secure new business opportunities, good comfort and low energy standards for old properties in cities. In Copenhagen a full scale demonstration will be made, preparing test project activities in Sweden and Norway.