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Public consultation - Nordic Region as Standard Maker

  • Publisert 11.08.2014
  • Sist oppdatert 06.06.2014
Nordic working groups have drafted Nordic input to European standards within sustainable renovation; indoor climate; and environmental product declarations and sustainable construction. Nordic Innovation organises an open public consultation until 13 October, and invites you to give comments on these drafts.


Fra 11.08.2014
Til 13.10.2014

As part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ initiative “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth”, Nordic Innovation was tasked with developing relevant projects within green technical norms and standards in the building sector. Participants in a workshop in June 2012 from industry, standardisation bodies, research and the public authorities, identified three projects for Nordic cooperation.


The aim of the three projects is to develop joint Nordic input to European standards. A working group for each project has now developed drafts for public consultation. The consultation documents can be found under the links for each of the projects below:

  1. Sustainable renovation of buildings 
  2. Indoor climate and voluntary classification standards
  3. Nordic contribution to future EU regulations and standards in environmental product declarations and sustainable construction