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Nordic Built Arena

  • Publisert 14.12.2011
The participants in Nordic Built Arena will identify the DNA of the Nordic building sector: common strengths, competences and values.


Fra 01.02.2012
Til 02.02.2012


Schæffergården “Nordic Houses”, Gentofte, Denmark
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The Nordic region has important factors in place to take the world lead in energy efficient and sustainable buildings: strong standing within architecture and design, high level of competence and technical expertise, quality components for low energy buildings – all driven by environmentally ambitious governments.


However, despite these excellent conditions, the Nordic region is not the main developer and driver for energy efficient and sustainable buildings globally. The Nordic region has still not taken ownership of sustainable buildings and managed to capitalize on its advantages within this sector.


The main purpose of the Nordic Built Arena is to address this paradox and answer the central question: How can the Nordic region position itself as supplier of the sustainable building concepts needed in the future?


The Nordic Built Arena is a carefully run process in which participants work together for 30 hours under the supervision of professional process leaders and with access to creative assistance.


The assignment of the participants in Nordic Built Arena will be to discuss and define mutual opportunities and challenges of the Nordic building sector. This identification process will be vital in positioning the Nordic region at the forefront of the development of sustainable and energy efficient buildings.


Participation in the event is by invitation only.