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Results from workshops on Nordic sustainable building concepts

  • Publisert 21.07.2011
In five weeks throughout five Nordic countries we have executed five workshops involving 150 knowledgeable Nordic professionals from a wide range, to give us their input in forming the coming Nordic innovation programme on Climate-friendly construction.

The workshops have given us valuable input, and helped identify Nordic strongholds, collaborative possibilities and the Nordic competitive space. This is important input towards making an effort in strategically positioning the Nordic construction sector.

The Nordic region has a real chance at becoming world leader within developing so called green solutions for the construction sector. And we have a better way at reaching it by working together.

Individually Nordic countries have different strongholds; however, the workshops have shown that there is an evident common center, the Nordic DNA that binds the Nordic construction sector together.

The work to establish and implement a focused innovation programme continues and we expect to launch a wide funding opportunity for some very interesting projects directed at Nordic sustainable building concepts.

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