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Read about the winners of the cooking competition!

Magnus Westerling, one of the five young Nordic chefs, in action. Photo: Fredrik Johansson, Gefle Dagblad.
  • Publisert 24.10.2011
  • Sist oppdatert 24.10.2011
Meet the winners of the cooking competition: Five young Nordic boys and girls ready to promote new Nordic food in Washington!

Maggi Jirayut AndressonMaggi Jirayut Andrésson


Maggi is 22 years old, and comes from Iceland. He graduated as a chef from the Culinary School of Iceland earlier this year, and has been working in restaurants both in Iceland and in England - among others Texture, a top restaurant in London that specializes in Scandinavian food. Maggi dreams about teaching children to become more conscious about what they eat and where the food comes from.


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Kristine K. IldjarnstadKristine Ildjarnstad


Kristine is 18 years old and comes from Norway. She is a senior student at Asker Upper Secondary School. She says that she is ”practically raised on a kitchen bench”, and she loves making her own food, which is both healthy and filled with traditions. When cooking she prefers using Nordic raw materials that are locally produced and easy to find.


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Hanna NilssonHanna Nilsson


Hanna Nilsson is 20 years old and from Sweden. She is educated a chef, and works fulltime at a restaurant in Gothenburg called Familjen, which specializes in making traditional Swedish food with old techniques but in new exiting ways. She says that what makes the Nordic food culture special is that it is simple, healthy and delicious at the same time.


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Evelina BraveniusEvelina Bravenius


Evelina is 18 years old and comes from Sweden. She is studying the Hotel and Catering Programme at Ullvi Upper Secondary School, where she is also working at the school restaurant. She say that the reason to why she likes Nordic raw materials is that they are useful and full of nutrients. She is eager to finish school and go abroad to learn other countries about Nordic food.


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Magnus Westerling. Photo: Camilla Adolfsson.Magnus Westling


Magnus Westling is 21 years old and from Sweden. He studies the Culinary Arts and Ecology Programme at Örebro University and works as a chef at Wij Trädgårdar in Ockelbo in the summers. In the future he would like to work with the food in Swedish schools, both with the food in itself and when it comes to thinking in a green way.


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