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Public procurement within health care on the agenda in Copenhagen

The health care sector is not only important for health and welfare, but also for the development of the economy.
  • Publisert 12.12.2011
On December 8, the Nordic program Public Procurement and Innovation within Health Care held its first workshop. The event had 50 participants from all major organizations in the Nordic countries working with innovation, procurement and health care.

The workshop was jointly organized by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Council of Ministers and took place at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.


The purpose was to discuss how it could be fruitful to work with innovation and public procurement on a Nordic level, and to provide input to the shaping of Nordic projects within the area. The participants together defined six project outlines and the task of Nordic Innovation is now to proceed with getting all the details in place and starting upp the projects.


The Ministers of Industry in the Nordic countries have decided to launch a Nordic program on public procurement and innovation within health care. Nordic Innovation is the coordinator and Norwegian Ministry of Trade & Industry is the owner of the program. The program focuses on the health care sector, since it is of great importance not only for the health and welfare in the Nordic countries, but also for the development of the economy.


How to use public procurement more strategically is on the agenda in all the Nordic countries. Pre-commercial procurement and innovative public procurement could potentially contribute to both better health services and to the development of the Nordic supplier industry.