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Nordics strengthen relations to Canada

  • Publisert 23.03.2011
- Climate change and other environmental problems do not depend upon national borders. In order to implement the sustainable solutions these problems require, we must collaborate at national, regional and global levels. International cooperation has therefore long been considered crucial by the Nordic region. We are committed to a strong engagement for a more sustainable world, and see Nordic-Canadian cooperation as an integral part of the solution.


By this the Secretary General of the Nordic Council Jan-Erik Enestam opened the CanNord conference in Toronto.  180 Nordic and Canadian delegates convened at the Allstream Conference Center in Toronto to find form a common platform for future collaboration in sustainable solutions for Nordic and Canadian cities.


The conference is one of many initiatives this year that the two Nordic institutions Nordic Energy Research (NER) and Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) are taking to visualize an unused potential that lies in further relations between the Nordics and Canada.


Nordic delegation

To ensure that further activities are anchored in the Nordic countries a Nordic delegation has been established for continued cooperation with Canadian stakeholders.


The delegation consists of key stakeholders from the Nordic region. These include governmental representatives, companies, research institutions as well as organizations that work with transport, energy and housing.


The project is funded by Nordic council of ministers and governed by NER in cooperation with NICe.


NER and NICe will through 2011 engage in other different activities that stimulate Nordic-Canadian relations ships in the field of sustainable energy and innovation.


These are the members of the Nordic delegation present in Toronto:

Jan-Erik Enestam, Secretary General, The Nordic Council

Ivar H. Kristensen, Director, Nordic Innovation Centre

Anne Cathrine Gjærde, Director, Nordic Energy Research

Karsten Lumbye Jensen, Director, Bright Ignite, Denmark

Birger Bergesen, Head of section, Energy Consumption, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway

Virpi Mikkonen, Senior Technology Adviser, Tekes, Finland

Line Lolk, Head of section, Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, Denmark

Elly Katrin Gudmundsdottir, Environment and Transport Director for Reykjavik City, Iceland

Jon Bjorn Skulason, Programme Manager, New Energy, Iceland

Gudny Reimarsdottir, EcoProcess, Iceland

Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor Helsinki, Finland

Melita R. Hasle Nordic, Communications manager, Nordic Innovation Centre

Sigridur Thormodsdottir, Senior innovation adviser, Nordic Innovation Centre

Eili Vigestad Berge, Innovation adviser, Nordic Innovation Centre

Ina Jakobsen, Adviser, Nordic Energy Research

Kalle Bartholin-Nielsen, Communications manager, Nordic Energy Research


Contact person:

Melita Ringvold Hasle
Communication manager
Nordic Innovation Centre
Phone: (+47) 95 12 19 83