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#NordicMade – get the whole Nordic startup story

Photo: © 2015, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.
  • Publisert 04.09.2015
The Nordic startup community join forces to let the world know about all the exciting startup stories from the region.


The world is slowly opening its eyes for all the great startups in the Nordic countries, with companies like Spotify, Zendesk, Supercell and world-class events like Slush leading the way. In fact, only Silicon Valley has more billion dollar-valued companies per capita than the Nordics.


However, most of the Nordic startup success stories never gets out there – neither to the media nor to investors. To continue the positive development the Nordic startup community has had over the last years, action needs to be taken.



One hashtag to unite them all

Such an action has just been taken by the Nordic startup community themselves. While a hashtag on social media does not do much on its own, a united Nordic startup community started to fill #NordicMade with great content. A quick Twitter search shows that the community already has adopted it, making it easier to find those hidden Nordic gems for both the media and for investors alike. 


It all started when Nordic Innovation invited some of the most active Nordic startup journalists to sit down together.


– Although we cover different stories, from different angles and in different languages, our goals are the same – to help promote the scene, connect the communities, create companies, explains Dmitri Sarle from Artic Startup, who were present at the initial meeting which resulted in the #NordicMade hashtag.



Value from the community

Having taken the initial initiative, Nordic Innovation is happy to see the benefits in in collecting all the startups success stories under the same umbrella.


– Our philosophy is to engage in initiatives where the community is directly involved and creates the value – the #NordicMade hashtag is exactly such an initiative. We have helped facilitate the process that led to the hashtag, but the value solely comes from the community filling the hashtag with stories, meaning, and value, says communication adviser Frederik Waitz from Nordic Innovation.


In the future, Nordic Innovation will help facilitate different initiatives, like the #NordicMade showcase in New York in August, to give even more value to the #Nordicmade hashtag. Our belief is that we together as a region can raise more attention to the extremely talented Nordic startup scene and thus create even more great Nordic startup success.



#NordicMade in social media

The hashtag was officially launched during the aforementioned two-day showcase trip to New York, where the eleven most influential Nordic startup organisations and Nordic Innovation brought along ten promising startups to attend workshops, close the Nasdaq Stock Market and network with media and investors.


To learn more about what happened in New York by visiting