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Nordic Innovation at World Economic Forum’s Annual European Event 2011

Nordic Innovation Senior Innovation Advisors Jørn Bang Andersen (left) and Petra Nilsson-Andersen at World Economic Forum 2011
  • Publisert 17.06.2011
  • Forfatter Jørn Bang Andersen & Petra Nilsson-Andersen
Europe and Central Asia 2011 – Expanding the Frontiers of Innovation

The theme for World Economic Forum’s  European 2011 event was to to unlock the potential of the interdependent regions of Europe and Central Asia and to expand the frontiers of innovation and growth.. From Nordic Innovation Senior Innovation Advisors Petra Nilsson-Andersen and Jørn Bang Andersen were invited to  participate in the event which took place in Vienna, Austria.


The event was organised as a combination of plenary sessions, workshops and networking, focusing on core thematic areas as global competitiveness and risk resilience. With seven  hundred attendants from all over Europe and Central Asia there was amble room for dialogue and for expanding ones network. The participation in the event was also a step in Nordic Innovation’s strategy for establishing Nordic Innovation as a central Nordic hub for international partnerships on innovation and growth in the Nordic region. 


The reader might very well ask and what has Europe and Central Asia in common – apart from borders? This question was brought up, yet as it became apparent at the workshops we all live in countries that are experiencing ageing populations, faced with increased competition from notably Asia.  Moreover, Europe is also dependent on energy from Central Asia and Russia, just as Europe is Central Asia and Russia’s biggest economic partner.  Nordic Innovation contributed extensively to the programme; Petra N. Andersen acted discussion leader for the session Hubs, Clusters and Spin-offs and facilitated a workshop on Ecosystems for Social Innovation.. The working sessions proved to be fruitful and they gave networking possibilites to world leading thinkers on global innovation hot spots like John Kao and alike.  Moreover, Jørn Bang Andersen and Petra N. Andersen made personal aquintance with the CEO of Skolkovo Science and Innovation Park. Skolkovo is Russia’s bid for developing a Silicon Valley success in Russia and with President Medevev as Chairman the ambitions are at the highest level.  Russia’s Skolkovo initiative was widely debated at the World Economic Forum in Vienna, and has been in the headlines of international business media like the Economist, Business Week,Bloomberg and alike. It is going to be an interesting case to follow. Finally, Nordic Innovation made its presence in plenary sessions from questions by Jørn B. Andersen, which can be viewed at the Youtube links below.



Jørn B.Andersen speaks from: 0.56.55


Jørn B.Andersen speaks from: 0.55.52