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171 proposals submitted for the Nordic Built Challenge

The five buildings of the Nordic Built Challenge - one in each Nordic country
  • Publisert 18.02.2013
A total of 171 teams have submitted their proposals for how the five buildings of the Nordic Built Challenge can be refurbished in a sustainable, viable and scalable way.


The number of proposals per country is:


Denmark 76

Finland 39

Norway 26

Iceland 18

Sweden 12


- The high amount of proposals shows a genuine interest for sustainable refurbishment in the Nordic building sector. We hope that the outcome of this Challenge will contribute to boosting the Nordic region’s position internationally, and with this level of interest I am confident that we will see some innovative proposals, says Trine Pertou Mach, Project Manager at Nordic Built.


The juries are now going through the proposals, and four finalists per building will be announced on 2 April – receiving NOK 300.000 and the opportunity to compete in the second part of the competition.