Kick-off conference for Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter project

The Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter project, who received funding through the Nordic Built funding programme, will kick off in October 2014 with a conference.
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The full program, together with the exact time and location of the conference, is yet to be announced. However, it will revolve around these questions:



  • What are the biggest challenges in the Nordic countries for sustainable renovation relating to the Nordic Built Charter?
  • Which educations exists for those who shall safeguard the sustainable renovation - and what similarities and differences are there between these educations in the Nordic countries?
  • How are these educations taught? Which cases, projects and methods are used? Are there similarities or differences among the countries?
  • What should this project contribute with to sustainable renovation and education?



The conference will not only be for the project partners, but also for partners of the other educational institutions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and representatives for the most important industry organisations in the same countries. 



For more information, please contact project leader Jette Leth Fejerskov Djælund (General Manager of Professional Affairs at Konstruktørforeningen)



Phone: +45 33 36 41 62

Mobile: +45 51 38 26 31