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Tomologic is the Nordic cleantech startup of the year

  • Published 25/04/2012
The winning company of Nordic Cleantech Open 2012 is Swedish Tomologic. In second place came Finnish Ultranat, and two companies shared the third place: Danish Black Silicon Solar and Finnish MetGen.

The 10 remaining finalists in Nordic Cleantech Open presented their company to a large audience at Aalto Venture Garage in Espoo, Finland. All applicants received individual comments from the jury on their business cases. The audience voted for their favourite and the company receiving the most votes was Tomologic, that has developed a technology to optimize sheet metal cutting and reduce scrap from raw material with up to 50%.


Read more about the finalists.


- This event is a great possibility to meet interesting investors, something that is very valuable for a startup company, said the founder Magnus Norberg Ohlsson.



Stimulating cleantech

Nordic Innovation is the main sponsor of Nordic Cleantech Open. The aim of the competition is to strengthen the pipeline of new innovative cleantech startups in the Nordic region.


- We launched Nordic Cleantech Open in 2011 because we thought that startup companies should get some more attention. At this event they get the chance to show themselves to multinational companies and international investors, managing director Alexander Lidgren says.


This year there were 100 applicants for the competition, representing a broad aspect of startup companies. What the ten finalists have in common is that they are companies with limited risk – they all have the possibility to grow big without huge investments.



Great interest for startups

The interest for cleantech startup companies is obviously big, as Aalto Venture Garage is filled with people.


- It can only be described as a positive surprise, Lidgren says, and adds that contacts are a good thing to have when organizing such an event.


When looking at the final companies from last year, Alexander Lidgren says that they are doing well and attracting investors.


- The ultimate scenario would be to be able to contribute to the creation of an international success, he says.