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Welcome to our new website!

  • Published 16/03/2011
  • Last updated 11/03/2011
We have the great pleasure of welcoming you to our brand new website. We have worked diligently to create the ultimate platform for innovation, trade and cooperation in the Nordic region. The result: Surf and find out for yourself!

This has been a long and thorough process, but it has definitely been worthwhile, says Communications manager at Nordic Innovation Centre, Melita R. Hasle. She has led the work along with Project manager and senior Communications adviser Gaute Rossnes.


- When we started this process we considered it essential to start from the bottom and building stone by stone. Both we and our users wanted a website that would act as something far more than an information platform. Disclosing information is very important, but equally important is to facilitate dialogue and interaction. The first important milestone for us was therefore to put in place a proper CRM system for better handling and dialogue with our stakeholders, says Rossnes.


User-driven development
This system is now integrated with the new websites, making it much easier to for example send out newsletters, tailor information to selected groups, help to create networks, and more. Furthermore, extensive analysis and user surveys have been conducted, to identify the needs and wants of those who visit the websites of the Nordic Innovation Centre.


- Our users have been the focus throughout this process. They have really been the main source to the development of our new site, says Hasle. They also helped us to determine which social medias we will be present in.


Nordic Innovation Centre’s three strategic objectives: to promote innovation, remove barriers and build relations, have also been essential in the new strategy for web and digital channels.


- These three objectives constitute the premises for the functionality of our new website and our presence in social medias. This is the experience we will provide for those who visit us, Hasle says.


A Nordic language perspective
Nordic Innovation Centre has a multinational and multilingual commitment. This also applies to the organization’s communications.


- When launching our new website, we have therefore gone to great lengths to meet our users in a way that is easy and accessible. Therefore, the site presents a structure with information in all the five Nordic languages in addition to English. This is also reflected in our new newsletter. Although some articles will only be available in a Scandinavian language, we hope to reach out to a wider audience by presenting every post in our newsletter in English. In this way one can get an idea of what we find important, even if the full article is not available in English, says Hasle.


In such cases the posts will be marked with the appropriate Scandinavian language, so no one will need to load an article they cannot read. Fortunately, everyone in Nordic Innovation Centre speaks English, and would therefore be more than happy to contribute should readers have need for more information on a topic that only exists in one of the Scandinavian languages.


New visual profile
But in addition to new features and multilingual engagement on the Internet, the Nordic Innovation Centre is also wearing a new suit.


- In parallel with the web process, we have also developed a new graphic profile. The visual profile consists of key graphic elements that make up our visual identity and communicate and emphasize our role as a meeting place and promoter for Nordic innovation co-operation, Hasle says.


In line with the new organization strategy
In December 2010, the new organization strategy was adopted by the Nordic Innovation Centre’s Board, and in March 2011 the new contract with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) will be signed.


- The new strategy and contract has been especially considered, when working towards the launch. It has been very important to us that our new profile and our new website hang together well with the formal objectives and guidelines set by our board and NMR. Through our design profile and all our communications activities, we will visualize and communicate our new goals. You, as our user, should be able to read, hear and see that we are focusing even more on our core competencies; namely innovation, says Hasle.


Now she has a fervent appeal to all readers:


- Visit our website, follow us on Twitter, join the dialogue, comment on reports, sign up at conferences, and last but not least, be a part of the Nordic innovation co-operation, an engaged Hasle concludes.