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Practical guide to EU funding opportunities for innovation and research

  • Published 29/02/2012
The EU commission has launched an updated and expanded practical guide to get you through the maze of EU funding opportunities for innovation and research projects.

The 133-page document New Practical Guide to EU Funding – Opportunities for Research and Innovation provides information on:

  • How to obtain support for your innovation, research and entrepreneurial ideas
  • A route to the relevant funding SOURCES
  • How to combine the different instruments
  • The role of national and regional authorities


The Practical Guide describes the funding programmes available until 2013, and the projects these programmes involve. The main funding programmes are:

  • 7th Research Framework Programme
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
  • EU Structural Funds
  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • European Fisheries Fund
  • Lifelong learning programme
  • LIFE + in the field of the environment


The first edition of the Practical Guide was introduced in 2008 by the European commission in order to provide a concise description of available funding programmes for innovation and research.


The new version is expanded and includes the guide as a web based portal.


The Practical Guide applies to you if you:

  • are an entrepreneur who would like to undertake innovation and research activities.
  • are a researcher with an idea for a innovation or research project.
  • are already engaged in commercial innovation activities whether or not arising from research and development.
  • are a cluster manager who seeks to internationalise a cluster and make it more innovative
  • are a regional innovation policy-maker, information officer or research programme manager and want to exchange good practices with your peers from other EU Member States.
  • need to upgrade the skills or the capacity of your research organisation.