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One step further towards independent living

  • Published 04/09/2015
The 25 teams in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge made great progress on their solutions in an intense three-day business development workshop in Oslo 30 August to 1 September.

Sunday 30 August lived up to its name, as the last sun of the Oslo summer shone brightly on the 25 teams of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge gathered at Eventhallen in Oslo to kick-start the business development stage of the competition together with a panel of city representatives, experts and mentors.


From the first pitching session Sunday to the final war cry marking the end of the three-day workshop, most of the 25 teams made major leaps in their development plans.


– We spoke with some of the design experts and other participants, and it made us look at our product in a different way, said Ingvild Vik, whose team ended up with brand new design sketch for their Multi Puff solution during the workshop.



Intense days

The first day of the three-day workshop mainly consisted of the 25 teams performing three-minute pitches of their solutions to the cities, experts and mentors who were there to challenge and guide the teams on their projects. The cities also did reverse pitching for the teams to further clarify their needs, before everyone gathered for dinner.


Day two started where day one ended – the sun was shining and the spirit among the participants were high. The teams started with defining and clarifying key issues of their product and business development, before attending specific master classes after lunch. The themes of the master classes were UCD and prototyping, IPR, financing, as well as IoT, robotics and sensors.


After the master classes, the teams had one-on-one meetings with mentors and experts to get even more into specifics of their challenges.



Aim for the big prize

Day three, the teams had to make a more detailed plan on how to go to the next step. After lunch, they presented their plans in mentor groups and got feedback from both the mentors and experts.


– It has been inspiring, and we have learned a lot. We have seen our project from outside our own box, and now have a new focus. We are looking forward to start working tomorrow, said Lotta Williams from the Wundies project as she got on stage during the sum-up.


To truly sum up the intensity of the three days of workshopping, the participants finished off with a loud war cry that filled the hall in Eventhallen.


The teams now need to take their work and feedback with them and continue developing their solution, and as competition project leader Mona Truselsen from Nordic Innovation put it: “Aim for the big prize!”



See the video from the workshop: