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Nordic Innovation Summit: Towards green innovation

  • Published 29/03/2012
Will the Nordic Countries wear the Green leader jersey in the years to come? This was the question raised in front of Nordic Innovation Summit. The conference showed that there is a great potential, but we need to act now to take the lead.

- We don’t need to show American business cases, stated the Danish-British writer and business innovator Tania Ellis, because we have good Nordic cases.


In her speech Ellis talked about how sustainable businesses can have success through corporate social innovation.


Will the future be sustainable?

The conference was kicked-off by a look into the future, according to the Dutch trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas. Bakas predicts that the years to come later will be described as the great stagnation, but at the same time we’ll see a dramatically increase in innovations. Bakas also said that necessary changes will take place, and that we in the future will use other raw materials.



New innovation police for the Nordic countries

- Innovation in the Nordic region is fragmented, and too many good examples aren’t adopted on a wider scale, said Sigridur Thormodsdottir senior adviser at Nordic Innovation.


This was also one of the results from the new report Towards a new innovation policy for green growth and welfare in the Nordic Region, initiated by Nordic Innovation and carried out by Monday Morning. The study is a part of the Nordic Lighthouse project Nordic Innovation Forum, which will, as the title of the study indicates, deliver an action orientated agenda on what issues the Nordic ministers of Trade and Industry should address within green innovation.


The report points out that there is a need to develop a new Nordic framework for innovation that follows the three aspects of sustainable innovation; economical, environmental and social.


- Innovation is about solving new problems for real people. The Nordic countries are good to manage change. And we have a good education system - the question is how we can capitalize on this? said Ivar H. Kristensen, secretary general at Tekna.


Sustainable Innovation was the theme for Nordic Innovation Summit, which was held in Oslo on 15 March. The conference was organized by Inspirator with Nordic Innovation as a partner.

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