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Nordic Innovation shared knowledge at the Colorado Innovation Network

  • Published 04/09/2012
Nordic Innovation took part in a panel debate at the Colorado Innovation Network under the topic The power of innovation networks, highlighting the advantage for Nordic countries to pool their resources and cooperate globally.

The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) 2012 Inaugural Summit: Leadership and Collaboration in Transformative Times took place in Denver 29-30 August. Inspired by the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), the governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper and his team, have been the driving force behind the COIN. Leading American companies participated in the event, key-note speaker Muhtar Kent, CEO Coca Cola opened the Summit by stating that “a brand is a promise and a good brand is a promise kept”.


Colorado is fast becoming a leading global hotspot for innovation within aerospace, mining, energy, cleantech – and of course within tourism with the Rocky Mountains and the famous ski-resort Aspen Colorado. On top of this, Boulder Colorado is today listed as one of the ten leading global places to start a company and Colorado School of Mines is one of the world’s leading.


Colorado and the Nordic countries share a number of issues: Colorado has around five million people, which roughly is the number for each Nordic country, a strong position within similar industries, a pragmatic approach to business development and a strong focus on making government and the public sector a relevant partner to companies.


Jørn Bang Andersen, senior innovation adviser participated in a panel debate at the COIN togetger with Robert C. Wolcott, Anna Catalano and Peter Bryant from the Kellogg Innovation Network as a facilitator. Both Catalano and Wolcott underlined the relevance of initiatives like COIN and KIN.


The bestselling business author Jason Jennings spoke about great leaders and companies at the Summit. Jennings concluded that it is not the big companies that eat the small; it is the fast that eat the slow.



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