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Nordic Innovation House opens in Silicon Valley

From the left: Hartti Suomela (FinPro/Team Finland), Anne Lidgaard (Vinnova), Lene Sjorslev Schulze (Innovation Center Denmark), and Gro Eirin Dyrnes (Innovation Norway). Photo: Mikkel Aaland
  • Published 25/09/2014
Nordic ICT companies aiming for USA just got a big push as the The Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley opened its doors.



24 September marked the opening of the Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley, which is a co-working space, incubator and resource centre for Nordic tech companies. The innovation house already hosts 45 companies, and are aiming at connecting startups to high-quality mentors, a network of investors and funding opportunities as well as provide other business connections.


Silicon Valley is perhaps the most important gateway to the US market and global expansion for Nordic ICT companies, but not all of the Nordic countries has been equally well represented there. With the opening of the Nordic Innovation House the balance is now aligned. 



A US door opener

The Nordic Innovation House is one of the ten projects funded through the Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship Initiative, and can help serve as a door opener to USA and help young businesses scale.


– Nordic countries generally score high on international benchmarks for innovation and competitiveness, noted Hans Christian Bjørne, senior innovation advisor at Nordic Innovation, in a press release. 

– However, two recent studies on entrepreneurship indicate that the Nordic region is lagging behind when it comes to the ability to scale young companies. This is where Nordic Innovation House can make a difference. We are looking forward to discovering new, disruptive ideas that lead to bringing successful Nordic companies to the United States and helping them flourish.



More information

Nordic Innovation House is located at 470 Ramona Street in Palo Alto. To find out more about Nordic Innovation House, check out or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


For Nordic startups looking to get involved with Nordic Innovation House, visit to apply. For any U.S. companies looking to connect with Nordic companies, please contact us to arrange a visit.




Contact at Nordic Innovation House

Ann Sofie Kaalen, 408-480-2739 



Photo: Nordic Innovation House

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Project participants

Nordic Innovation House is co-funded by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic government agencies responsible for business growth within their respective countries, which include: