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New study on how to secure a stronger Single Market

  • Published 24/02/2012
Nordic Innovation has in cooperation with the Danish Business Authorities initiated a study on how to secure a stronger Single Market.

The study is focusing on the economic consequences for the Nordic countries and with special focus upon better enforcement of the Single Market. The aim is to quantify the economic potentials from a stronger Single Market and clarify Nordic priorities for the further political initiatives.


The current economic crisis in several European countries calls for political action, and a fully implemented Single Market for goods, services, labour and knowledge could boost the European gross national income with several percentages according to previous studies.


The results of the study will be presented in June 2012, and the ambition is to bring this outcome into the political process under the Danish Presidency of the EU, or more concretely the European Summit taking place by the end of June.


The Study will be carried out by Copenhagen Economics. A Nordic reference group has been established to follow the work.