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Mission: Making the Nordic health sector a more innovative procurer

  • Published 29/08/2012
How can the Nordic health sector become an even more innovative and demanding procurer? Nordic Innovation and cooperation partners are offering funding for up to NOK 10 million to the best proposals.

The public sector is by far the largest buyer and consumer of health care products and services in the Nordic region. This creates a major opportunity for demanding new and innovative products and services from the private sector.


But public organisations are not conscious enough of the potential in using procurement and innovation on a strategic level. Cooperation and exchange of knowledge between public procurers is limited, and there is a need for improved dialogue between procurers and suppliers.


The aim of the Nordic program “Innovation in the health sector through public procurement and regulationis making a change: to create better public health services through competence building and collaboration, and to develop the supplier industry through closer contact with public buyers.


- The Nordic countries are, like many other countries, facing challenges within the area of health and welfare. To solve this issue, we need to dare to think differently and to open up for collaboration. The public sector can be a driver of innovation by becoming a smarter and more demanding procurer, says Trond Giske, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry.


To bring forward new innovative ideas Nordic Innovation and cooperation partners have launched a call for proposals. Up to 5 applications can be funded for a total sum of up to NOK 10 million. These are the main themes for the call:

  1. Developing a Nordic competence network among procurers in the health sector
  2. Strengthened market knowledge among procurers and improved dialogue between public procurers and suppliers

We also welcome other applications that contribute to the overall objectives of the program.


The target group is public sector organisations that engage in public procurement within the health sector. In addition, other organisations or consortiums of organisations with documented expertise within the field are welcome to submit proposals.


The program background

The Nordic Ministers of Trade and Industry have agreed on six so called lighthouse projects in the joint effort “Nordic cooperation program for innovation and industry policy 2011-2013”. The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for the project “Innovation in the health sector through public procurement and regulation”. Nordic Innovation is the facilitator and coordinator for the program, and the national innovation agencies in the five Nordic countries are program partners.


The deadline for proposals is Wednesday 24 October 2012 at 10 AM CET.    

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