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Marine innovation funding in high demand

  • Published 24/08/2011
This spring Nordic Innovation published two calls offering a total of 30 mill NOK in funding proposals for Nordic marine innovation projects. The calls returned no less than 33 proposals from a range of businesses and organisations in the Nordic region. On the whole the applicants have applied for the net sum of 112 965 mill. NOK

Each application is supported by a spectre of participants from a wide geographical range. From outside the Nordic region, there are applicants from UK, the Baltic region, Canada and Russia.


A main objective of the marine innovation program is to have businesses take ownership and an active role in the projects.


 – We wished for businesses to set the agenda and influence the development of these projects, and we seem to have accomplished this, as a large number of businesses have taken on the role of leader, owner and active contributors to the proposed projects.  Over all the applications are of a high standard. It’s also very interesting to see how international teams have come together to apply for funding, says innovation adviser Sigridur Thormodsdottir at Nordic Innovation. Thormodsdottir is in charge of the Nordic effort for innovation in the marine sector. The Nordic marine innovation programme has a particular drive to encourage more trans-Atlantic cooperation.


The applications are to be evaluated during the following weeks by Nordic Innovation and the funding consortium for the Nordic marine innovation programme. The project financing will be finally and formally concluded by late September or early October 2011.


The total value of the proposed projects amount to 230 903 mill. NOK. The applications are connected to two modules of the marine innovation programme; 6 mill. NOK have been allocated to module 2 “Meeting future challenges” and 24 mill. NOK have been allocated to module 3 “Reputation enhanced by innovation”. Module 2 generated 7 applications, and module three generated a total of 26 applications.



Nordic Innovation and the Nordic marine innovation programme

Nordic Innovation works together with several important Nordic actors on the marine innovation programme; Innovation Norway, AVS, NORA, Icelandic ministry of agriculture and fisheries, Nordic working group for fish (AG fisk),  Ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries in Denmark and Fiskimalaradid on the Faroe Islands are all part of a consortium working to build a common Nordic initiative on marine innovation across the Nordic and West-Atlantic borders


The main goal of the project is improved innovation capability, increased profitability and competitive edge within the Nordic marine sector.


Nordic Innovation rarely finance more than 50 per cent of a project and requires a business participation of 50 per cent. Participants from several Nordic countries (three countries at the least) is also required.


Nordic innovation is an institution under the Nordic council of ministers, initiating and financing innovation projects in cooperation with businesses actors, governments and academics.