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Making the Nordics front-runners in innovative digital solutions

  • Published 26/06/2014
The Nordics as a test market for innovative digital solutions and building business from big data. These were the two focus areas when 100 Nordic digital front-runners gathered in Copenhagen 19 June.

Ambitions were high at the Nordic Digital Forum 2014 in Copenhagen when key players in the Nordic digital industry gathered to explore and define a common vision and activities for making the Nordics a front-runner in innovative digital solutions. Think big! Was a statement repeated by many of the participants – one of them Icelandic Helga Waage, Co-Founder and CTO, Mobilitus.


The Nordics already has the infrastructure and the talent to foster innovative digital solutions but according to Anders Hoffmann, Deputy Director General at the Danish Business Authority, there is still a lot of work to be done in making the Nordics the preferred region in the world for developing and testing innovative digital solutions.


- We have invited innovative digital front-runners from all Nordic countries and together they will shape and discuss how the Nordics can become the leading region in the world when it comes to innovative digital solutions. In other words it is the industry itself that will define how to succeed with our vision, says Anders Hoffmann.



A united digital region

The digital front-runners at the forum agreed on one thing: the Nordic region is something special. There is great potential that needs to be realised - also in a global perspective. Therefore, according to many of the participants at the forum, we need to work and develop together as a united region. 


One of the keynotes of the day was Swedish Darja Isaksson, Founder of inUse & Ziggy Creative Colony. She sees a lot of advantages in and great potential for the Nordics.


- One of our great advantages in the Nordics is our long history of collecting data and understanding how that can foster growth. Just the fact that almost everyone has a computer and speaks English is a huge advantage. But to become world leaders in sustainable digital growth we need to do more. We need to choose a few areas to focus on and then create the whole value chain from there, says Darja Isaksson.



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Think Big – think Nordic!

It is not in the Nordic mentality to highlight that we are good at something but at the Nordic Digital Forum everyone agreed on how important it is to allow people to succeed.


- This forum is a great platform to meet and bond with central actors of the digital industry in all Nordic countries. I think it has been eye opening to many of the participants just how much talent and potential there is in the Nordic region. Our aim is to stimulate innovation, build relations and to break down barriers across the Nordics. Nordic Digital Forum is a perfect example of how we are able to do more in some business areas if we think Nordic, says Roger Moe Bjørgan, Managing Director, Nordic Innovation.