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Investing in Nordic startups pays off

The Nordic10 projects met in Oslo in April 2016. From left is Rotem Shneor from the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, Per Arnold Dyrkoren from NordicBAN and Hans Christian Bjørne from Fintech Factory.
  • Published 25/04/2016
In 2013, Nordic Innovation on behalf of the Nordic ministers for business and innovation supported ten entrepreneur projects that aimed at creating a better investment conditions for Nordic startups.


A lot has happened the last few years. The Nordic region is gaining a reputation on the international startup and entrepreneurship scene, and the rate of investment in Nordic startups is four times faster than two years ago[1].


Below we introduce three methods of investment and three of the entrepreneurship projects supported by Nordic Innovation. They all have a focus on creating better conditions for investments in the Nordic region.



Venture investment

Venture companies primarily invest in companies of a certain size and aims at developing them over several years. The Nordic Venture Performance Index  from the Nordic Venture Network shows that Nordic venture investments are the most profitable in Europe today. The analysis points out that Nordic venture investments also gives a larger return than investments on the open market.


You can read more about Nordic Venture Performance Index and the Nordic Venture Network here.



Angel investment

Business angels are active investors who bring capital, knowledge experience and networks. Several networks of Nordic business angels have now joined forces and created the NordicBAN platform, which matches angels with startups. NordicBAN was launched early 2016, and with more than 2000 angels and 4000 startups from the participating networks, the platform’s potential is big, explains Per Arnold from Connect Norway and Claes Mikko from Finnish FiBAN. NordicBAN creates new matches on a daily basis. Despite its short life, the platform has already created 18 direct cross-Nordic investments.


Visit NordicBAN here.  




Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing where projects, companies or people collect contributions or investments from a large number of people. And it’s quite popular. According to professor Rotem Shneor, project manager of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, this form of investment has outgrown venture capital for early-stage investments.


In 2015, the members of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance helped Nordic startups raise 8.7 million Euro through their crowdfunding campaigns, growing significantly from 4.7 million Euros in 2014. The alliance between the Nordic platforms allows startups to run campaigns on several of the member platforms. They can therefore run Nordic campaigns rather than national, increasing the chance of larger investments and success, professor Shneor points out.


Read more about the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance here.             



Nordic Innovation

In 2016, Nordic Innovation will built further upon the work on promoting and enhancing the Nordic entrepreneurship ecosystem. In autumn, a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and challenges of Nordic entrepreneurs will be presented. A new call for proposals will also be launched to stimulate the development that the existing Nordic10 entrepreneurship projects has helped create. We will further inform about these activities on our website and in our newsletter.



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