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In bed with the enemy: Why match make with your perceived competitors

  • Published 18/05/2015
Curious about why matchmaking is mandatory in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge? Watch the competition participants explain what they thought about the Nordic matchmaking event 4-5 May in our summary video.

Our competitive spirit usually leaves us inclined to see fellow participants in a competition as competitors. However, they can also be seen as resources, which is the rationale behind having a matchmaking event as a mandatory part of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. You can read more about the matchmaking event here.


Nordic Innovation believes that many of the competition participants may have a better chance of winning if they team up with other participants. There are mainly two reasons why we think so:


Firstly, great minds think alike. By combining silmilar-themed ideas and solutions, you might end up with an even better solution.


Secondly, strenght lies in differences. By securing competencies you or your team members may lack, you will get a stronger team.


Teaming up also lets the teams benefit from different competencies and strengths within the health and welfare sector in the Nordic countries, which is why we also have a special award for the best cross-Nordic team.



To see what the participants themselves thought of the matchmaking event, watch this summary video: