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Helping Nordic SMEs in growth markets with new tool

  • Published 22/10/2014
  • Last updated 21/10/2014
Nordic SMEs that want to increase their presence in growth markets can now get assistance from the Growth Market Partner Tool that was launched through a webinar 21 October.



With a fully packed webinar with participants from the Nordics to India, the Growth Market Partner Tool, which aims at helping Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises collaborating with local partners in growth markets, was launched 21 October.


Growth markets of today and tomorrow represent exciting business opportunities – but also challenges – for small and medium-sized enterprises. Teaming up with local partners are often essential, but can be easier said than done.


Together with Nordic partners, Nordic Innovation has developed a tool designed for Nordic SMEs who want to increase their presence in growth markets in collaboration with local partners. The tool consists of visual templates you can bring to meetings with your local partners, and are designed to overcome cultural and communicative differences. The goal is to help Nordic SME's in the selection process of local partners and maintain a productive dialogue between them, with both partners benefitting.



Full webinar

The tool was presented for Nordic export agencies with a webinar hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), which is one of the tool partners. 


– It is not our intent to invent the wheel again, but to create a dialogue tool to use together with other tools you might already have. It is a tool designed to make most of the time you already spend with partners, and is very hands-on and operational, said DI manager Anders Kjøller in his opening presentation of the webinar.


The tools have been made visual to avoid misunderstandings between the Nordic company and the local partner, and most of them can and should be customised to best suit the nature of the partners using them. 


Through the webinar, the participants got a demonstration of the tool templates and how they could be used, before ending with a Q and A session.


 It was very nice to listen to the thoughts and ideas, seeing we are working on the same goals and with the same experiences. I am looking very much forward to more sessions like this these in a Nordic context. It gave me a great portion of boost on Nordic cooperation, said participant Erle Hauso from Innovation Norway after the webinar.



Instruction video


Along with the tools, an informative video has also been made. It explains why and how to use the tools, and you can watch it below: