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Finnish ZenRobotics voted Europe’s most innovative environmental company

  • Published 01/12/2011
The Finnish company ZenRobotics has been chosen as the most innovative environmental company in Europe.

ZenRobotics was announced as the winner of the Gold EEP Award at Pollutec Paris, a global reference show for environment professionals. The award recognises the efforts of European companies to improve the environment with innovative technologies.


The competition is organized each year by the European Environmental Press (EEP), the 17 leading environmental magazines in Europe, together with Pollutec and the European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals.


- We at ZenRobotics are thrilled about receiving the EEP Award. We take this as a sign that the field is ready to embrace a revolution – that of robotic recycling, says Rainer Rehn, CEO at ZenRobotics.


ZenRobotics was also one of last year’s finalists in Nordic Cleantech Open, a business competition aiming to identify, upgrade and display the top 25 early stage cleantech companies in the Nordic region, and with Nordic Innovation as a main financer.

Deadline for applications to next year's Nordic Cleantech Open is on the 7th of December 2011.




About ZenRobotics:

ZenRobotics is a Finnish high-end cleantech company based in Helsinki. The company's main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, an AI-controlled robotic recycling system which reclaims valuable raw materials from waste. The system will be available worldwide in 2012 and is currently marketed through a reseller network in more than 50 countries.