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European Commission looking for innovative procurers

  • Published 22/10/2014
If you are interested in the Horizon2020's €130 million calls for proposals in support of innovation procurement, their PCP-PPI conference in Milan 26-27 November might be of interest.

The European Commission are looking for procurers that might be interested in the 2015 Horizon 2020 calls for proposals in support of innovation procurement to participate actively in the parallel networking sessions in their conference on PCP (pre-commercial procurement) and PPI (public procurement of innovative solutions) in Milan 26-27 November 2014.



High-level event

The conference, which is called "Modernizing the public sector and boosting economic growth through Innovation Procurement", is a high-level event that will address how EU policies could gain from working to enhance the demand side and what instruments are actually in the hand of policy maker and public sector to optimise the public spending and, at the same time, to stimulate additional private investments.


The event will also offer an opportunity to hear first-hand from front-runner actors (procurers, suppliers) and experts how they are supporting the implementation of Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) and Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).


The European Commission is more spesifically looking for people interested in participating actively in the parallel networking sessions on thematic areas on day 2 of the event. There are parallel sessions planned on healthcare, safety/security, energy, education, cloud computing, robotics, photonics broadband deployment, and other ICT.


You can find more information about the conference and register here.



€130-140 million calls


The categories of the thematic areas in the conference mentioned are domains in which the European Commission have a new wave of PCP/PPI calls that just opened in the 2015 Horizon 2020 work programme. 


There is a total budget of €130-140 million is published across the different Horizon 2020 work programmes of calls for proposals for PCP and PPI projects. 


You can read more about the calls here.