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  • 20.5.2011

    The goal of the project was to set up a Nordic consortium that would plan a new approach in studying brain disease therapies and mechanisms. The indication areas was restricted to four major diseases namely stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and brain trauma. more

  • 7.6.2011

    Innovation policy and the Innovation in rural areas represents a potential that has not been exploited in the Nordic countries. Especially in the areas of tourism and agriculture, the governments need a more proactive attitude towards possibilities in relation to innovation in the periphery. more

  • 18.1.2012

    Norden er stadig et centralt omdrejningspunkt for handel, alliancer og for udveksling af viden. Det viser analysen af de nordiske landes handel internt i Norden og med omverdenen, ligesom det fremgår af virksomhedernes nordiske strategier. more

  • 20.5.2011


  • 20.5.2011

    A summary review of the main findings of the study shows that while the existing and proposed policy reforms have been extensive, there remain a number of important gaps. There are important differences in what kinds of recommendations can work in the respective countries and the country studies provide ample detail on the particular situation in this respect. more

  • 5.4.2011

    The objective of the project was to increase collaboration between Nordic industrial and academic partners in the cyclodextrin research area. more

  • 22.3.2011

    Various stakeholders; politicians, municipalities, school authorities, public health authorities, food industry, catering services, school chefs and researchers share responsibility of delivering quality meals in schools more

  • 18.4.2011

    Strengthening the Nordic seafood sector by a consumer oriented development of new fresh seafood product concepts for young adults and families with young children in order to stimulate the consumption of healthy high quality seafood at home and in out-of-home situations. more

  • 17.8.2011

    This study examines cross-border patient mobility between the four largest Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), focusing in particular on planned treatment within specialised healthcare services. The two regions Öresund and the North Calotte are investigated in particular. more

  • 5.9.2012

    A major public health threat in Nordic societies are the increasing rates of overweight. The fast food sector is an important arena to study in order to open up for changes in this trend especially among children and the young. more

  • 14.9.2012

    Healthcare regions from Denmark, Norway and Sweden participated together with innovation consultants from these countries and with Danish-Swedish MVA as the project manager. Crowdsourcing was established to channel suggestions and ideas from employees but also from industry and the public, to provide input and collective decisions on innovation projects. more

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