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  • 31.10.2012

    This guide consists of two main parts, where the first part is a step to step guide to serve as inspiration on how to get started with green business model innovation. The steps are based on best practice from the interviews conducted with the companies that took part in this study. The second part of this guide is a selection of specific tools used by some of the case companies. more

  • 5.11.2012

    This compendium includes five different parts encompassing different assessment methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative) of green business cases in the Nordic region, but also around the world. more

  • 9.11.2012

    There is both a need and a significant business potential for one-stop-shop business models where an overall contractor offers full-service renovation packages including consulting, independent energy audit, renovation work, independent quality control and commissioning, and financing. The renovation market for single-family houses could be in the order of hundreds of million Euros per year in each Nordic country. more

  • 6.3.2013

    On the whole, the Nordic Innovation funded project NORDIC DSC was a success in terms of reaching the tangible objectives of the project. Final results proved a viable commercial future. more

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